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Study permit

Canada is the most favourite destination from students around the world. International students are the integral part of the Canadian economy. We will help you to get the study permit as we deal with all the top universities and colleges in Canada. Students can get a post graduation work permit after completing their studies. This opens up the doors for them to apply for permanent residency under various PNP and express entry programs. 

Students are also allowed to work 20 hours  per week if they are registered as full time students with colleges and universities.


Visitor Visa

Get a 10-year multiple visitor visa to visit friends and family. You can stay upto 6 months continuously after entry to Canada.

Super Visa

Get your parents and grand parents to stay for continuous period of 2 years under this category. It’s valid for 10 years. Sponsor has to be a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen. Sponsor has to meet income requirements and the applicant also needs to buy a Canadian medical insurance of $100,000 for at least 1 year. Applicants need to pass medical examination.


Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

All visa exempt nationals traveling to Canada by air need to apply for this before landing in Canada. Under new regulations travelers who are transiting through Canada need to apply for ETA too.


Work Permit

LMIA : This is called as a employer specific or closed work permit. In this process the employer first needs to get a positive labour market impact assessment from ESDC. LMIA is an approval from ESDC (Employment and Social Development of Canada). Only then the employer can hire foreign skilled workers in various categories through temporary foreign worker program.


LMIA EXEMPT WORK PERMITS:  Under this process the employer doesn’t need LMIA to hire foreign workers. This could be employer specific or open work permits. Spouses of work permit holders and full time international students, religious workers, workers under international agreements, refugee claimants and religious workers can apply under this category.

International experience Canada: Travel and Work Program:

It has 3 categories:

Working Holiday 

Young Professionals

International Co-op (Internship)

If you are from one of these European Countries: UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal,Denmark, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico and you fall under a certain age limit then you can come and work in Canada.The work permit is LMIA exempt.

NAFTA : If you are PR or citizen of USA or Mexico then under north American free trade agreement you can work in Canada if you meet certain conditions and eligibility.

Work permit exempt: There are some categories in which if you are coming to Canada for a short visit like as public speaker, news reporter, clergy, crew member etc. then you don’t need a work permit . 


1. Finding Accomodation & Jobs

Since we are based in Lower Mainland Vancouver,  we help our Clients in finding accomodations and jobs, once they reach Canada. So we make their transition and immigration to a new country as stress free and smooth as possible.


When it comes to getting coaching for IELTS or CELPIP  for meeting the language requirements, we know the best in the industry! We assist our clients in the language exam preparation by providing them the details to the best coaching programs.

3. Free Assessments

Another key feature about our services is that we perform free assessments for our clients’ immigration applications and we keep them updated with the new immigration laws, rules and regulations so that they are fully aware of changes, if any, taking place in the immigration programs related to them.

4. Referral Programs & Discounts

As our firm believes in long term relationships with the clients, we believe in appreciating our clients if they refer any friends or family to us for their immigration needs. We have some special discount programs related to this.

5. Multilingual Staff

We provide services in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English, so language is not a barrier when it comes to seek our services. You can communicate with us in any of the above languages at your ease.


6. Values

Our firm believes in giving back to the community. So time to time we donate in different forms back to our people for some good cause. 

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