There are different categories under which you can immigrate to Canada permanently!

Economic Classes

Skilled Worker

If you are a skiled worker and you meet certain criteria then it’s easy road map to come to Canada. It includes electronic application management system called Express Entry. If you have work experience under ceratin eligible occupations and skill level and types then one can apply under Federal skilled worker, federal skilled trades or Canadian experience class.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Every province has its own eligibility criteria to nominate an applicant for permanent residency. If the applicant can prove genuine intention and ability to economically establish themselves in the province then it gives them a very bright chance of getting the permanent residency. If you are a student on a post graduation work permit, you can also take advantage of PNP programs. It also includes Entrepreneur Program in which a person can make certain investments to acquire a new or running business which leads to permanent residency.


Business Immigration

Self employed: Experience in a particular cultural and/or athletic activities or an eligible occupation or participation at world class level can make you eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Start up visa: If you have any business idea then present it to an investor group and if it gets approved then the investor group will invest money in your business idea and it will be a path for permanent residency.

Family Classes

Spousal Sponsorship or Common Law Partner

You can sponsor your spouse or common law partner for permanent residency. To get information about the required documents and eligibility creiteria contact us by phone or email. 

Parents & GrandParents

Missing your parents or grand parents then contact us to file for their permanent residency application.

Sponsoring Other Family Members

You can also sponsor your other close relatives like nephew, niece, brother, sister under certain circumstances. 


Humanitarian & Compassionate Grounds

If for any reason you find yourself ineligible or inadmissible because of medical or technical reasons but you can prove strong ties with Canada and establishment in Canada, then we can help you to get permanent residency under humanitarian and compassionate grounds.


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